Care when washing the glass and knives of the Thermomix



I want to call your attention to a situation that can occur with our Thermomix and that often ends in fat breakdown. And I do it because I have already heard this situation on several occasions. It does not stop being an oversight, but a mistake that will cost us dearly. And, of course, these confusions the warranty does not cover.

Water and / or oil has entered the Thermomix engine. We try to turn on the machine and alarm goes everywhere. The Thermomix does not work.

What has happened? The engine has flooded and stops working. Many possibilities that you have to go to repair. The joke amounts to 150 euros.

Eye with the clueless

The Thermomix has to produce a perfect anchoring between the base, the blades and the glass. If this anchoring is not adequate, it assumes that when we start cooking through the blades it filters and soaks the motor.

This is where we have to pay attention.

Especially when we have washed, either the blades or the glass and place them in the Thermomix, we must make sure that everything is perfectly fitted.
Many times we put the base, the glass and the blades without fitting it so that the next person who goes to use the Thermomix does not realize that it lacks its fit, it starts to cook and we already have the mess.

Be careful and avoid this neglect, which as I said at the beginning is very frequent. What has encouraged me to write this warning.


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